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Bully Pulpit


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Photography in the Singular

It was only a few years ago I finally bought a decent camera and started to pursue my interest in photography. Still a novice, I’ve got a flickr page and find that I can lose myself for hours looking at other photographers’ … Continue reading

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To Age With Sass

I met woman on the beach last week.  She was one of the few actually swimming in the cold Maine water.  As you do sometimes with strangers, we talked pretty frankly about ourselves and life.                                                                                                                   She was 87, as it turns … Continue reading

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Water, No Ice

A cab driver named Kojo gave me some advice on the trip from Bethesda to the airport. He said the answer to most of life’s problems lies in water. Only his pronunciation was cooler: “wotah” If ever you feel yourself … Continue reading

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Bridging the Family Political Divide

With three brothers, I’m the only female in my family. Also the only democrat. Back in the 80’s, my brother Mark served for a time as the Chairman of the Young Republican Club of New England. He’s not the most … Continue reading

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The Limits of Memory

My brother and I agree that the last two years of my father’s life were among his best. At least, those are the two years we most enjoyed with him. My father was 80 when he had a stroke.  Up … Continue reading

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Kick the Bucket List

Okay, I know this is counter to the grab-all-you-can, live out- loud ethos so popular right now. It just seems that the ‘bucket list’ approach to life is as much about consumerism as  as it is about life fulfillment.  Instead of competing over what things … Continue reading

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