Water, No Ice

A cab driver named Kojo gave me some advice on the trip from Bethesda to the airport. He said the answer to most of life’s problems lies in water. Only his pronunciation was cooler: “wotah”
If ever you feel yourself getting worked up about something, pause and drink a glass of water. Water has the potential to bring clarity to a clouded mind. It certainly can’t hurt.

One recent hot summer day, kids from a local church were handing out bottled water at a downtown crosswalk. I wasn’t converted, but I was refreshed.

When I interviewed at my last job, the director asked me if I would like some water. It helped, because it was a hot day and because my nervousness gave me a dry mouth. Fourteen years later, whenever I interview someone, I offer water. Most people accept.

Back in the late 60’s, my father brought us fishing off some old pilings on the Boston waterfront. A neighbor cleaned and cooked the fish for us, and I remember it tasted delicious.
This was long before the big clean-up, before we even knew how polluted the harbor was.

A cop once told me that weirdos seemed to hang out near water. This was after I came across a naked man pleasuring himself in the woods by the reservoir. Today I was walking with my camera by the ocean, and a man asked me if I wanted to take some ‘wild and crazy photos’ of him. I told him I only photograph landscapes and walked away.

I love flowers, but don’t believe in using so much water on lawn and garden, especially during times of draught. Maybe I should plant some hardy (and dramatic) grasses instead.

My aunt had Sjogren’s Syndrome, which inhibits your ability to produce saliva and tears. She didn’t complain, but I imagine it would be uncomfortable to feel so parched all the time.

Sometimes, we need the softening that comes with fog and snow.

My brother and I once drove up Mt Washington, and a cloud bank near the top blocked our view of everything, even the road we were on. We opened the windows in the hope that it might improve visibility. The cloud moved through the car, and we waited in stillness as it moved away at its own pace.

Favorite sounds…rain against the window, the kayak paddle as it dips in and out of the lake, echoes of laughter carried across the beach.

Water, no ice.

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2 Responses to Water, No Ice

  1. I rarely drink water…that may be why I am always so restless …:-)

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